7 Ways To Choose The Best Four Wheel Driving (4WD) Tour On The Web

Looking for an extreme and adrenalin packed getaway buy don’t have the time to really spend on one? Your worries are over, look no more – 4WD drive tours are perfect for you! All you need is a weekend and you are all set to experience rugged terrain and great adventure. Booking a 4WD tour is also a cinch with the web as your guide you are sure to discover a package that is perfect for you!

1. It’s all about location.

Make your own adventure as you choose from a vast selection of 4WD locations. Wilderness, sand dune, mines or local ports, it’s all up to you! A 4WD adventure satisfies the littlest and biggest of any outdoor adventure.

2. Review your itinerary.

Most 4WD adventure tours come packaged with bushwalking, rock climbing and other outdoor activities. Thoroughly check package inclusions so you can maximize the adventure that you have chosen.

3. Day, weekend or holiday?

4WD adventure packages have so much to offer and they can be tailored to suit every raging adventurer’s cravings.

4. Check 4WD Company training and licensing.

Make sure that the 4WD company you will engage this activity¬† Budget Tour Package for Andaman with is trained and duly licensed not only in 4WD but also in basic outdoor safety and survival. A lot of 4WD outfitters are fully equipped and have a lot of licensing and accreditations. Outdoor adventures are really fun and can get rough at times. It’s always good to know that you are in good hands.

5. Choose the tour.

4WD tours are categorized into 3 tour options:

a) The Safari tour

This tour consists of a group of 12 in a 4WD bus or any vehicle that can accommodate more than 5 people. The advantage of a safari tour is that it is fully catered with tents and food, you don’t do the driving and you won’t be required to bring any special equipment. The safari tour gives a participant plenty of time for mingling and socialization.

b) The Tag Along tour

This is a 4WD tour where you get to bring your own vehicle or rent one. You are also led by an experienced guide. The good side of this type of 4WD adventure is that you travel in the comfort of your own vehicle and at your own pace; plus, you also have the guidance of an expert and the security of travelling with a group.

c) Single Vehicle Tour

This 4WD activity has a limit of 2 to 4 passengers and the tour expert takes you in his 4WD vehicle. This is for people who do not fancy travelling with a bunch load of people and would like to have a personalised guide and driver or go solo.

6. Check the itinerary for stops and rest places.

If you are sharing the 4WD adventure with a group of friends or family, it is good to be familiar with the road that you will travel on. Knowing the stopovers and actual activity sites will prepare you for unexpected personal emergencies.

7. Additional personal particulars.

Whether you go alone, bring a vehicle, or do a safari, ask your outfitter for any particulars that you need to bring on your adventure. Common-sense would indicate to arm you with the outdoor basics such as rash guards, insect repellent and the good old dependable calamine lotion for those unwelcomed but common bush rashes and insect bites. Check for nearby medical stations and facilities, otherwise bring some of your extra prescribes too.


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