Be Your Own Private Detective With a Reverse Cell Phone Number Lookup – What You Should Not Do!

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Advancements in the communications industry has made tracing cell phone numbers 訴訟記錄 extremely simple. You don’t have to go after expensive private detectives anymore. They charge you as much as $200 and take up to two weeks to give the results you want. 6-10 years ago, people had no option but to put up with it. However now you can access the same databases private investigators use using your own computer. In other words, be your own private investigator!

Cellular Numbers are ‘Unlisted’ – A national cellular phone directory doesn’t exist!

This is why you won’t find cell numbers on the white pages or any other telephone directory. They have been purposely ‘unpublished’ from free public phone directories in order to comply with privacy laws. This is why you don’t get telemarketers calling on your mobile phone. It is illegal for them to call your mobile phones. Cell phone user privacy is protected by these laws.

However, all cellular phone numbers are stored to be used in emergency situations by the law enforcement authorities

These databases are accessed by different companies and made available to you and I. We can do our reverse cell phone lookups using such services.

What not to do

There are so many so called ‘services’ doing this. It is highly commercialized. All of them have to pay for using above-mentioned databases. To avoid paying for those databases, some websites are building their own databases using a trick. I’m not going to use the exact words, but it’s something similar to the following.

Please enter the number you want to search: so you would put the number you want searched

Number located, now please enter your phone number: most people would leave the website at this stage, but if you go on to enter your number, it will say.

We do not seem to have your number, please enter your name and address: would you do it or not? I wouldn’t.

It is highly advisable to keep away from such websites. Instead use a genuine service that will not put your privacy in jeopardy.


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