Bulldog Sales Are Increasing, But People Need to Know the Breed’s Characteristics Before They Buy

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Bulldogs are becoming a more and more popular choice with society. With some celebrities putting their Bulldogs on display French bulldogs for sale, it is no wonder that more and more people are clamoring to get their hands on a cute little Bulldog puppy.

Unfortunately, countless animal shelters are filled to the brim with Bulldog puppies who, quite naturally, acted like puppies. Whenever anyone purchases a puppy because it is a trend and fail to think whether or not the puppy agrees with the person’s lifestyle, bad things happen.

The dog has a sad problem of being a victim to its own popularity. The breed is no stranger to the inside of a shelter since countless parents rush out to purchase their children puppies before Christmas only to dump them in shelters in the week after the holiday.

Bulldog puppies are a lot of work and additionally they are slower to learn compared to their other young canine counterparts and they love chewing. Few people realize how much of a lifestyle change they have to endure when they bring their new bundle of joy home. They need to puppy proof items around the house just like they would for a baby.

However, people who are not deterred by the animal’s slower learning process will soon find out that they make up for their learning in the long term. For Bulldogs do not suffer fools gladly and will not follow orders at will. It is a cerebral breed and will analyze a command for its worthiness before it decides to listen.

Although this can be construed as a negative trait, anyone who owns an animal which can analyze events and use them to potentially save a life or help someone has a companion worth his or her weight in gold.

These facts should not deter one from buying a Bulldog, however it should make one think about buying a puppy. There are many amazing older Bulldogs out there that are already spayed, neutered and housebroken. They are just itching to find their forever homes to live out peacefully before they cross that rainbow bridge.

Yet, Bulldogs are a great addition to the right family if one considers their traits before they purchase that special puppy on sale. Although Bulldogs are not bad with children, the breed’s lower activity levels suit families with older children and adults better than a household with younger, active children.

Bulldogs are definitely not the most active dogs and even though they do need to be exercised and like to play, they will tire out long before children do. The same goes for adults who plan to lead an active lifestyle with their pet. Adults that enjoy hiking, jogging or any activity which requires a fair amount of movement, should skip the breed.

However, the breed is not all about inconveniences. When one purchases a new member of the family, he or she will discover just how amazing this little breed is. Although it is not known for being a guard dog, one will find that they a very good at protecting what they love.

This is because the breed is known for being one of the most loyal canines out there. Thus, they make excellent guard dogs as well as companion pets. Because of its capabilities, the breed does very well with senior owners and tends to watch over them as much as they watch over the Bulldog.

Bulldogs are a very unique breed and make for excellent additions to the educated family. Its popularity means that there is a plethora of information about the breed’s characteristics out there.

Although the breed is fantastic, it may not be the best choice for certain families. People should think before they buy and compare their needs against their wants to assess if they truly want that amazing animal. Far too many of them are in shelters and an assessment is sometimes all it takes to keep more from entering a shelter.



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