Hairstyles For Looking Fit in Your Gym Kit This summer

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Tired of scrunching your hair into the same old up-do? Whether you’re heading to boxing, HIIT or Yoga in the Sky, here’s our take on the freshest hairstyles fitness Hair to take you from workout to going out this summer With boxing studios on the rise, there’s no better time to try out this edgy comeback style. Make an appointment with Barber & Blow after your Rumble class at 1Rebel (or before if you need a vibe boost! ).

We love a good messy hairstyle for the warmer weather. This unique take on the classic Dutch braid is a great way to mix it up this summer. Here’s a tutorial by Abby Smith if you think you’ve got the skills. For those of you who can barely throw together a classic braid (please say we’re not the only ones! ), try the loosely braided high pony. A safe, go-to option that’s still good enough to match your most expensive kit.

The fishtail braid has this effortlessly ethereal chic vibe that we just love. It’s elegant enough for Afternoon Tea or trendy enough to hit that hardcore sesh at 12×3 Gym. We head to Duck & Dry to achieve this look (this service also includes a blow dry! )

Are you going to a fitness festival this year? Braid Bar offer a range of styles and accessories from rings & charms, colour chalks, extensions and glitter to really make you stand out from the crowd. Pay them a visit in Selfridges.

Smooth down those flyaways with some hair spray, embrace that sweat left over from that BOOM cycle class and add a braid to that low pony. Go from sweaty to sleek.

Sometimes we run out of dry shampoo but we don’t have the time to go ‘full-wash’. Enter the scarf. This trendy headpiece can turn just about any potential bad-hair day into a complete win. Add a pop of colour to really stand out this summer!

Space buns are back! We’re feeling all kinds of nostalgia channeling our inner Baby Spice this summer! In theory, this look seems relatively easy to achieve, but it turns out it can actually be quite challenging to get these spacey top knots to be polished and even!

If you’ve got shorter hair, or aren’t much of a perfectionist, try a bit of a messier look or a half up/half down look like our fave Love Island gal, Gabby!

There is just no chance of us achieving this look on our own, so when we want something intricate like the ‘DNA’ braid, we call on our go-to freelance (and mobile! ) hairstylist, Hair by Joël. His braid game is seriously on point.

Fancy yourself an aspiring hairstylist? Alex Gaboury created this tutorial!

We’ve all been there before: you finish a killer workout only to immediately ask yourself, “What should i do with my hair? ” Post-workout hair doesn’t look very chic on anyone, especially if you didn’t have time to wash your hair and you have to head directly to work or you have plans right after you workout. But, if you plan and prep your hair accordingly you can still work up a serious sweat, without having to worry about sweaty post-gym hair.

Prep Your hair Before

While your instincts might tell you to apply dry shampoo to your hair immediately following your workout, the truth is, when you apply dry shampoo to damp or wet hair it will leave behind an unflattering cakey residue from the powder and water mixing together. Dry shampoo was designed to work on dry hair, which is why you should apply your favourite dry shampoo to your hair before your workout, as it will help prep your hair and absorb sweat while you exercise.

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