Learning What It Takes To Survive In An Emergency

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Most of us like to believe life will follow a predictable path but calamity could strike at any time, would you be prepared to deal with a natural emergency? If you do not know you should not be embarrassed but you should take action to prepare yourself, the Boy Scouts Of America have an expression “be prepared” and it holds viable to this very day and age.

While there is a tremendous amount of information online you should never risk your life based on some emergency survival guide provided by individuals who are neither experienced in this area. You could check with your local government to find out what they recommend, the usual advice is to have 3 days worth of food and water however if we looked at what happened to individuals caught in Hurricane Katrina it took much more than 3 days to reach people so it is critical that you begin your research now while time is still on your side.

Something that you should do is get a minimum of 30 days worth of survival food kits food for your household and one for your vehicle to carry with you. There are many survival foods that are being made available to the public so you should be able to find something that you find tasty while it still meets your nutritional needs.

Another important item to pack is water and this is something we simply cannot live without for more than 3 days so have enough water with you to meet your needs and those of a few other people.

It also important to have a first aid kit to address any injuries that may be sustained. During the emergency cell phones may not work so invest in a crank radio where you can manually crank the radio to build up a charge so you can listen to radio broadcasts from the authorities about where to go and what to do during this emergency.

If you are following advice that you have found online it would be smart to investigate these individuals to make sure the advice they are providing is accurate and safe. One of the best ways to find out whether the individual is a good prospect or not is by reading over the testimonials that have been posted by other people who are taking the advice from the organization. When you read over these comments it will help you make one of the most important decisions of your lifetime.

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