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Medicus Golf with their dual hinge construction has Vclubshop created a golf training aid that provides you with immediate feedback for golf your swing.

You will take the guesswork out of improving your golf swing with the Medicus series of Golf Clubs. They offer a variety of clubs and training aids that will have you playing better the next time you head to the links!

Medicus is the Best Swing Training Aid on the Market

With this innovative golf training aid you will quickly understand how to swing the golf club.

The hinges are designed to breakdown at any point in the golf swing. Once you have practiced your swing using one of the Medicus golf clubs, you will instantly feel whether your swing is on plane Vclubshop and in the correct position.

Whether you are teeing off or hitting shots from the fairway, you will be well on your way to curing your slice and producing longer, more accurate drives.

The Medicus dual-hinged Driver is designed to collapse at the hinge whenever your swing is out of whack. This can happen in six different areas of the golf swing.

The 1st place it might break is at the beginning of the takeaway. The proper golf swing should start with your arms and shoulders. When you allow your wrists to break, you will immediately feel the club hinge give.

Once you learn to bring the club back slowly on the proper plane, your will begin to see improvements in your swing.

The 2nd point where your club may break is when the club head is parallel to the ground. If the toe of the golf club is not pointing straight up, the club will break at the hinge.

The next break point happens when you have gotten to the top of your back swing. If the club face is not square, the club will breakdown.

As you begin your downswing the 4th break point can happen when you start with your wrists, causing the club to break. This can also happen if the arms are too far from the body.

The 5th break point is at the point of contact. When Vclubshop you allow your body to sway backwards and your weight shifts to the back foot, the club will breakdown. You will also find that if you are too far behind the ball at contact the club will break at the hinge.

The last breakdown point where the Medicus Driver will collapse is during the follow through. This can happen with you have a flat follow through.

Whether you are using the Medicus Driver or one of the Medicus irons, you will have a swing trainer that will give you feedback every time you swing the club. The best part is, you can hit full shots with any of the Medicus clubs.

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