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Given the size of the Facebook community, it’s impossible to ignore its influence. If you are building your network marketing business online you need to at least consider using Facebook, if for no other reason than everyone else is doing it. It’s important that you understand the two different methods of using Facebook to build friend filter facebook your business and proceed accordingly.

The first method is to use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. There is no need to cover this in great detail as many MLM Training courses have material that covers PPC advertising. One important difference is that Facebook is not the same as Google. Therefore, you need to tailor your ads on Facebook to your audience. Your need to make sure that your Facebook ad copy is a lot more subdued than what you might use for Google. I like to compare Google advertising to standing on a street corner. You need to be loud and clear with your message to be heard and everyone is aware that they are out on the street and they expect people to approach them with offers. Running Facebook ads is more like walking by people in a coffee shop and stopping to talk to them. You have to take a more measured approach to the conversation. The people you are pitching to are just there socializing with the friends and are much less responsive to advertising being shoved in their faces. Having said that, Facebook has over 500 million members and that is a huge community to market to.

A better way to use Facebook is to treat it like a giant cocktail party and use it to network like you would in a real life situation. Even if the gathering is intended for networking, nobody appreciates someone who just runs around handing out their business cards. You need to view it as an opportunity to learn and possibly meet some useful contacts. Your attitude and approach here are critical. Don’t look at it like there is a huge room full of prospects for you to pitch to. What you are trying to do is find other like-minded leaders in the huge room full of people. It’s rare that I recruit individuals for my business in this sort of format. Generally I interact with the group, express my ideas and opinions and provide information about my MLM Training program and systems. Often I am then approached by people who are interested in working with me or what to use my MLM Training courses for their group.

So there are two great ways to benefit from using Facebook like a cocktail party. The first is to talk to as many people as possible so that you can learn from them. Ask them about their MLM Training program or if they know of any good MLM Training courses regarding some specific topic. People like to talk, especially about themselves. The second thing you can do is talk to them about a good MLM Training course that you have taken. Discussing some of the things you have learned is a good way to reinforce them. You could also tell them about the MLM Training courses that you are providing and ask them to provide advice as to what you are teaching. It’s amazing how helpful people can be if you aren’t spending the whole conversation trying to recruit them. Using Facebook can also be a good way to deliver MLM training courses. They provide a lot of the tools required to interact and discuss topics as you are learning about them.

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