Texting Girls – Top Mistakes Men Make

Mistake 1: Assuming that she plans on meeting up with you if she gives you her number. This is probably the biggest one I see happen all the time. The problem here is that girls give their number out for many reasons. It makes her feel good to have guys calling, it gives them validation and sometimes a girl will give her number out just to get rid of a guy she doesn’t want to talk to. If a girl gives you her number it usually means that she was attracted to you in that moment. This is where the game begins.

Mistake 2: Trying to call her very early on. This is another one I see often. Guy meets girl in a bar on Saturday night, gets her number and calls her Sunday lunch time expecting her to be all like “Sure! let’s go on a date!” I’m not saying this doesn’t happen but it is very rare. Especially if she only just met you. If the girl hardly call girls in karachi knows you it takes a lot of investment for her to actually pick up the phone when you call her. She doesn’t know what you are like (she probably barely remembers you from the night before considering how many drinks she has had) and it could be a very awkward conversation. Remember this: girls avoid social awkwardness like hand grenades. Text back and forth a few times, build it up, then try and call her.

Mistake 3: Listening to popular dating advice and taking cues from movies. There’s lot of bad dating advice out there like “you should wait 3 days before calling”. Going back to my second point you should probably text first but you should not wait 3 days. If you met in a bar or nightclub she is very likely to forget you after 3 days. If I were you I would text soon after meeting her. That way you are still fresh in her mind and it establishes a vibe between you both texting back and forth.

Mistake 4: Texting too much or being needy over SMS. If you send 4 texts and she sends back 1 short reply 5 hours later, it’s not going great. You have to match the investment levels of the girl. If you jump on her every response it shows that you don’t have much going on in your life and that you value her a lot more over your own time. Again, not attractive. Furthermore, if you are texting her too much when you hardly know each other it shows that you don’t have other women in your life. Now this may be true but we can show you how to turn this around.

Mistake 5: Failing to set up a date and becoming her ‘text buddy’. Women that go out a lot, especially the hot ones, are meeting a lot of people. If you are continually texting and don’t pull the trigger you run the risk of things fizzling out. You must understand this point: texting is just a bridge to the first date. Relationships are best built in person rather than over text. It is a lot easier to convey what kind of person you are on a date than while texting. Otherwise it can be a bit like trying to build a bridge while on the bridge. Showing her that you’re a nice guy over text is the best way to become the ‘text buddy’ which eventually will fizzle out when she meets a guy that is confident enough to take her out on a date.

Mistake 6: Getting too sexual over text early on. Don’t get me wrong, if done the right way she can be into it and find it fun. The problem here is that if she hardly knows you, you run a huge risk of it going nowhere. This is because getting sexual or very flirty too early will hurt your chances when it comes to setting up a date. A lot of so called experts will get sexual very early over text and think that they are getting somewhere. Unfortunately most of the time they are shooting themselves in the foot. The reason is that you run the risk of her thinking that you are only after one thing: sex. Women’s brains work in very different ways to a man. Meeting up with a stranger takes a lot of investment for a girl. When it comes to go on a date for the first time she will be coming up with reasons why she shouldn’t meet up with you. This would be the perfect reason why she would not want to. Trust me you don’t want to give her reasons like this.


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