Tonneau Covers for Trucks

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Are you the proud owner and driver of a Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Toyota, Nissan, Isuzu, or other fine Pickup Truck? Is it your pride and joy? Well then, if you’ve been trying to find a good quality tonneau cover for your Pickup, without spending a small fortune, you ought to take a look at the Hook & Loop style tonneaus still on the market. You can pick these up for a song right now Webbing Tourniquet and they really do a nice job.

Most often available in Black Leather Grain vinyl, these covers are custom designed for good looks and durability. Each cover is built to custom fit the bed of your specific year, make, and model Pickup! These hook and loop fasteners attach securely to your truck bed with adhesive strips, requiring no drilling or disfiguring of your truck! This tonneau is super easy to install, taking less than 30 minutes with NO tools! You just can’t beat that!

It goes without saying that this Tonneau Cover will do its job by keeping your cargo out of sight, and keeping it protected from all of those nasty elements outside. These covers are great at keeping out the dirt, dust, mud, snow, ice, rain, dew, hail, and those harmful rays from the sun. They also protect your bed from crazy insects, birds, critters, varmints, and that pesky neighborhood cat. The last thing you want dropping on your pickup bed or your gear is bird poop, tree sap, or the drippings from a fruit or nut tree. It’s a lot easier to wash off your tonneau than it is to get this stuff off of your gear!

These covers will also do a fine job reducing the wind drag at the back of your truck, and improving your gas mileage. This has become more and more critical with today’s sky-rocketing gas prices!

Hook & Loop Tonneau Covers attach and detach easily, allowing you quick and easy access to your gear. They also tie up nicely to the end-locking channel at the front of the bed, and can be removed totally with ease when you want to store it.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a good tonneau cover for your pickup, get online and check out one of these Hook & Loop jobs. The deals won’t last long! Most of the solid webstores selling aftermarket auto accessories will have them, as well as all kinds of other related gear. Things like tool boxes made to fit with a tonneau cover, cleaning products, bow kits, and lots more.

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